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Each participant will choose an experience that has been specially designed for the Summit

Peace and Partnerships


Crossroads Foundation

​David Begbie

David Begbie is a Director at the Crossroads Foundation, a humanitarian aid and development organisation, headquartered in Hong Kong. 
Over the past 25 years, David has represented Crossroads for the press, educational institutions, business corporations, consular and United Nations events. He is also the director of Crossroads’ experiential programs which have seen over 220,000 participants engage in simulations, including attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He has repeatedly seen that strategic change only comes about if we all, as individuals, choose to ‘be the change’ we wish to see. 

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Crossroads Experience Option 




Christian Action.png

Christian Action

Jeffrey Andrews

An Indian by descent, Hong Kong-born and raised and one of the first ethnic minority registered social workers in Hong Kong. Committed to helping refugees and minority rights, in 2014 he travelled to the United Nations in Geneva to speak about the issues of segregated schools. He has received The Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation award in recognition of his dedicated service and outstanding contributions to the enhancement of racial harmony and integration to Hong Kong. Recently he has been selected as 2019 JCI Top Outstanding young persons and also 2019 Cathay Pacific’s Change Makers award and in 2020, his beloved football team Manchester United recognized him as one of 7 Global heroes. He has been with Christian Action’s Centre for refugees in Chungking mansions for 12 years.

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Christian Action Experience Option




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Feeding Hong Kong

Edmond Leung

Edmond is the Project Director of Feeding Hong Kong who manages projects in system enhancement and food parcels, retail and airport food donation programmes of the foodbank. Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, Edmond specialised in airline catering equipment development, procurement and operating cost control. With a strong interest in sustainability, he was responsible for driving much needed inflight waste recycling initiatives and taking part in fuel savings task force. He is passionate about reducing food wastage and has strived to make it an integral part of his career. 

Feeding HK Experience Option




Nature Conservancy.png

The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Foundation Ltd

Marine Thomas

Marine is the Senior Conservation Program Manager for the Nature Conservancy (TNC) Hong Kong. She is responsible for overseeing TNC’s marine conservation projects on the ground, with a current focus on restoring natural habitats and developing sustainable oyster aquaculture. She joined The Nature Conservancy in 2014 as a volunteer, bringing 7 years of project management experience from various industries in the corporate world. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and civilization from the National Institute of Oriental Language and Civilization in Paris and a Master’s of Science in International Management for China from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In 2019, she completed another Master’s in Environmental Management at The University of Hong Kong. Marine was born in Hong Kong with French-British background. She is an avid scuba diver and certified Divemaster.

NGOs: How It Works

The Nature Conservatory Experience Option



ITS Education Asia Foundation

Danny Harrington

Danny is a Hong Kong-based Educator and Geography/Sustainability teacher/mentor. Since 1997 He's run alternative flexible-learning-model schools, educational consultancy and other educational services. He founded ITS Education Asia in 2005 to specialise in improving educational access by using non-traditional methods to allow students to gain UK, US and IB qualifications and enter UK, US and HK secondary and post-secondary education. In 2020, he launched a full sustainability/SDG Education programme leading to recognition from the United Nations. In 2021, he launched a not-for-profit education foundation to take on all sustainability education work.

Young Changemaker Incubator Experience


About Their Experience 

The vision of ITS Foundation is to empower youth by advising them with proven global methodologies and connecting them with networks that lead to the creation of new, future-ready impactful initiatives. We do this through our Young Changemaker Incubator (YCI) programme over the course of several months, and through our Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific Programme in conjunction with UNITAR. We then find multiple local, regional and international opportunities for our graduates to join us on our training workshops so that we create peer-to-peer virtuous circles of effort and connectivity.  In this HK SDG Summit 2022 virtual session, Foundation graduates and other select young changemakers will take teams through a YCI taster session. They will be asked to frame a problem, ideate a solution and prepare and make a short pitch to other teams. 

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